Park Litter Bins & Baskets

Designers, Manufacturers and Suppliers of Street Furniture including waste bins, Benches, Bike Shelters, Bollards, Street Signs, Wire Baskets, Barriers & Railings.
+ Doggy Litter Bins

+ Litter Bins: Manchester Range

+ Litter Bins: Classic Round

+ The Euro Hoody Litter Bins

+ The Euro Litter Bins

+ Wire Baskets

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"...I am extremely pleased with the quality of the products and the service that we have received..."
Area Manager, Alexandra Park, Saddleworth & Lees
"...The staff are friendly, professional and always keen to help..."
Street Services Manager, Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council
"I would Strongly Recommend MRM to other councils..."
Environment Officer, Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council